Quality Healthcare ... Here at Home

Welcome to the Cordova Community Medical Center

Sound Alternatives

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Long Term Care

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of the residents in our care.

Community Wellness

We promote an active lifestyle and preventative medicine.

Mission Statement

As a partner in our community, Cordova Community Medical Center provides personalized service to support the health and well-being of all people through their journeys in life. Healthy people create a healthy community.


Vision Statement

CCMC is dedicated to the highest level of professional and ethical standards in our service to our community, Staff and Administration work in partnership with one another, visiting specialists and their staff, and other community providers, based on respect and the highest professional standards. Employees comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations in the course of carrying out CCMC’s mission, act honestly, and with integrity at all times, provide the best possible care to all patients in a friendly, helpful, and courteous manner.

Core Values

  • Stewardship – We accept and demonstrate responsibility in managing the resources entrusted to us.
  • Respect – We treat others as they want to be treated.
  • Compassion – We show caring and empathy for others in all our actions
  • Excellence – We strive to live up to our full potential in all activities, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Integrity – We act honorably according to the values, beliefs, and principles we hold.