Substance Abuse Recovery Services

No matter the level or the intensity of the substance abuse, recovery is possible!


Are you worried about your own or a family member’s use of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs?


Clinicians at Sound Alternatives offer treatment in a confidential setting. After a comprehensive assessment, your clinician will develop an individual plan that includes services to assist you and how to proceed towards your goals. Your clinician provides dual diagnosis assessment and treatment to ensure that the alcohol or drug addiction is not a self-medication practice for a mood or emotional disorder.


If you are seeking treatment due to a court order, Sound Alternatives is a designated evaluation organization and ASAM provider.




Call us directly at 907-424-8300
Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm

After hours or on holidays, please call 907-424-8000.

We are located in the west end of Cordova Community Medical Center, next to Hollis Henrich park.