PRN - Certified Nursing Assistant

Job Description
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Job Title: PRN – Certified Nursing Assistant

Status: Casual

Supervisor: Chief Nursing Officer

Pay Grade: DOE

Department/Division: Long Term Care

Classification: Non-Exempt


The primary purpose of your job position is to provide your assigned residents with routine daily nursing care in accordance with our established nursing care procedures, and as may be directed by your supervisors. Has no supervisory responsibility.



  • Record all entries on flow sheets, notes, charts, etc., in an informative and descriptive manner.
  • Report all accidents and incidents you observe on the shift that they occur.
  • Report all changes in the resident’s condition to the Charge/Staff Nurse as soon as practical.


  • Ensure that the resident’s room is ready for receiving the resident. (i.e., bed made, name tags up, admission kit available, etc.).
  • Greet and escort residents to their room.
  • Introduce residents to his/her roommate, if any, and other resident and personnel as appropriate.
  • Make the resident comfortable. (i.e., put to bed, get water, etc.).
  • Inventory and mark the long term care resident’s personal possessions. Store the resident’s clothing.
  • Assist residents with packing their personal possessions when they are being transferred to a new room, or when being discharged.
  • Transport residents to new rooms or to the receiving area.
  • Report all complaints and grievances made by the resident.


  • Participate in and receive the nursing report upon reporting for duty.
  • Assist residents with daily dental and mouth care (i.e., brushing teeth/dentures, oral hygiene, special mouth care, etc.)
  • Give or assist residents with bath functions (i.e., bed bath, tub or shower bath, etc.).
  • Assist residents with dressing/undressing as necessary.
  • Assist residents with nail care (i.e., cleaning the finger/toenails.).
  • Shave male residents.
  • Keep hair on female resident’s clean shaven (i.e., facial hair, under arms, on legs, etc., as instructed.).
  • Keep residents dry (i.e., change gown, clothing, linen, etc., when it becomes wet or soiled).
  • Make beds (occupied and unoccupied).
  • Position bedfast residents in correct and comfortable position.
  • Change bed linens. Keep linens tight to avoid wrinkles from forming under the resident.
  • Put extra covers on beds as requested.
  • Assist residents with bowel and bladder functions (i.e., take to the bathroom; offer the bedpan/urinal, portable commode, etc.).
  • Maintain intake and output records as instructed.
  • Check and report bowel movements and character of stools as instructed.
  • Collect specimens as instructed (i.e., urine, sputum, stools, etc.).
  • Assist residents in preparing for medical tests (i.e., lab work, x-ray, therapy, dental, etc.).
  • Assist residents in preparing for activity and social programs (i.e., church services, parties, visitors, etc.).
  • Assist residents in participating in activity programs.
  • Assists with lifting, turning, moving, positioning, and transporting residents into and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, lifts, etc.
  • Assist residents to walk with or without self-help devices as instructed.
  • Provide eye care (i.e., cleaning eye glasses/hearing aides, etc.).
  • Measure and record temperatures, pulse, and respiration (TPR’s), as instructed.
  • Weigh and measure residents as instructed.
  • Assist in preparing the residents for a physical examination.
  • Assist with the application of nonsterile (moist and dry) warm/cold compresses.
  • Assist with the care of the dying residents.
  • Provide post-mortem care as instructed.
  • Check residents routinely to assure that their personal care needs are being met.
  • Assists in Acute Care and E.R. as needed.
  • Answer call lights.


  • Observe and report the presence of pressure areas and skin breakdowns to prevent decubitus ulcers (bedsores).
  • Provide daily indwelling catheter care.
  • Provide daily perineal care.
  • Assist with the application of slings, elastic bandages, binders, etc.
  • Give tepid sponge baths.
  • Provide daily Range of Motion Exercises and other restorative nursing care plan activities.
  • Turn bedfast residents at least every two (2) hours.
  • Observe disoriented and comatose residents. Record and report data as instructed.
  • Provide residents with Reality Orientation as instructed.
  • Prepares O.B. table using sterile techniques.


  • Prepare residents for meals (i.e. take to bathroom, wash hands, comb hair, raise bed, position tables, place bibs, take to/from dinning room, etc.).
  • Serve food trays. Assist with feeding as indicated (i.e., cutting foods, feeding, assist in dining room supervision, etc.).
  • Assist residents with identifying food arrangements (i.e. informing residents with sight problems, what foods are on the tray, where it is located, if it is hot/cold, etc.).
  • Record the resident’s food/fluid intake. Report changes in the resident’s eating habits.
  • Keep resident’s water pitchers clean and filled with fresh water (on each shift) and within easy reach of the resident.
  • Serve between meal and bedtime snacks.
  • Perform after meal care (i.e. remove trays, clean resident’s hands, face, clothing, take to bathroom, brush teeth, clean dentures, etc.).
  • Check rooms for food articles (i.e. food in proper container, unauthorized food items, etc.)


  • Restock clean and dirty utility rooms, and the Activity room.
  • Clean and maintain: whirlpool, vaporizers, autoclave, etc.
  • Clean wheelchairs weekly
  • Maintain adequate supplies of gloves in all patient rooms
  • Clean oxygen concentrator filters weekly.



Must possess, as a minimum, a high school diploma or GED certification.


Must be a graduate of an approved Nurse’s Aide Training Program.


Posses the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, patients, family members, visitors, government agencies, and the general public. Must have patience, tact, cheerful disposition and enthusiasm; as well be a willing to handle patients of every maturity level. Must be willing to seek out new methods and principles and be willing to incorporate them into existing nursing practices. Must posses BLS certification, valid AK C.N.A. Certification. Must be able to read and write English well. Must be able to lift at least 20-25 lbs. Must be able to stand on feet great amounts of time.


Upon date of Hire:

  • Current Negative TB Test
  • Ability to Pass a DHSS Criminal History Check and Drug Test
  • Must be current in all immunizations


CCMC shall seek to insure and provide equal opportunity for all persons seeking employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic as established by law.

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