Long Term Care Director of Nursing

Job Description
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Behavioral Health Clinician

Job Title: Long Term Care Director of Nursing

Status: Full Time

Supervisor: CEO

Pay Grade: $104,000 – $145,600  

Department/Division: Sound Alternative

Classification: Exempt


The Long Term Care Director of Nursing (DON) serves as the Director of Nursing for the LTC unit and is responsible for the completion of the federally required Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) and is responsible for the implementation and ongoing evaluation of the resident’s comprehensive plan of care.   Uses established work systems and processes to facilitate quality of care and quality of life while ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance with all applicable laws and professional standards of practice. The Long Term Care DON assumes nursing leadership functions within the LTC nursing team.  Facilitates effective communication of Residents needs and issues to the interdisciplinary team and fosters positive change, professional/program growth and teamwork.  


  1. LTC DIRECTOR OF NURSING: Serves as the Director of Nursing for the LTC unit. Is responsible for daily operations of the LTC unit, and meeting Conditions of Participation for the LTC unit, along with all local, state and federal regulations.
  2. RESIDENT ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT (RAI): Completes the Resident Assessment Instrument process, including MDS’s CAA’s, care plans and other assignment to meet Federal and State regulations and quality expectations.  Ensures completion of all required reports according to prescribed time frames.   Ensures appropriate staff is informed of all significant changes of condition and facilitates accuracy of all MDS information.
  3. RESTORATIVE CARE: You are responsible for the assessment, treatment, and care for patients of all ages including adult and geriatric, as applicable.  You must be competent to access and analyze patient information and history with an understanding of the cognitive, physical, emotional/psychosocial, spiritual, and chronological maturation process. Accepts and promotes professional development as an integral part of nursing practice.  Coordinate patient care activities with other members of the health care team in a collegial relationship.  Directs and coordinates the care given by Certified Nursing Assistants, (C.N.A.’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), and ancillary personnel. Performs all duties in a manner that supports the team concept, collegial, collaborative caring, and respectful, reflecting the philosophy of the Department of Nursing and Cordova Community Medical Center Mission Statement. See Long Term Care Policy #303, Restorative Care Program, for a description of job duties.
  4. PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS:  Promotes clinical care that meets professional standards of practice with an emphasize on a person-centered philosophy.
  5. TEAMWORK AND COMMUNICATION: Assigns work and directs staff.  Assists in the creation of supporting systems that enable staff and empower team members to jointly plan and deliver care.  Role models collaboration and partnership with physicians, primary staff, residents, families and the departments.
  6. LEADERSHIP: Provides visionary leadership.  Uses leadership principles to anticipate and influence change.  Determines resources and actions needed to accomplish objectives.  Set priorities and manage time effectively.  Identify potential problems/opportunities and plan contingent action.  Develop new and unique ideas to improve existing systems or operations.  Encourage innovative efforts in others.  Seek creative methods to resolve conflict.  Gives clear directions, explain reason for decisions, and solicit the input of staff to enhance group capabilities.
  7. HUMAN RESOURCES: Uses independent judgment, related to, evaluating performance, coaching and disciplinary action if warranted, conducts and documents employee performance on an annual basis and as needed.  Uses appropriate interpersonal skills to guide others to accomplish objectives, facilitates teamwork, participation and cooperation.  Delegates work so team members have the necessary direction, authority and skills to complete assignments.
  8. QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: Reviews all assigned quality reports/activities that affect quality of care and quality of life for residents.  Identifies gaps in existing work processes and participates in resolution. Facilitates the annual development and implementation of a QAPI Plan, addressing all aspects of clinical objectives.  Develops staff to achieve quality outcomes.
  9. ADMISSIONS, DISCHARGE, TRANSFERS: Serves as a clinical resource to safely manage admission, discharge, and transfers. Reviews admission and re-admission orders.    Ensure month end documentation is completed and provide education, direction and support as needed to team members.
  10. INVESTIGATIONS: Conducts investigations of resident, family and employee concerns, such as but not limited to Unusual Occurrence Reports, Employee Injury reports, resident concern or one-on-one meetings. Assists in identifying root cause and recommends corrective action plan. Prepares necessary and/or required reports according to department guidelines.
  11. CARE MANAGEMENT: Follows each resident from admission to discharge and works with resident, family, hands-on caregivers, Inter-Disciplinary Team and other entities as appropriate.  Continually engages hands-on caregivers in evaluating resident’s response to care and adjusts care approaches as needed.  Ensures that each resident’s goals are clearly identified and that appropriate interventions and timelines are established and communicated to the care team.
  12. PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: Promotes clinical care that meets professional standards of practice with an emphasize on a person-centered philosophy. Collaborates with other staff to maintain financially sound operations within the approved budget.
  13. Implement care/services that recognize age/diversity specific needs/issues of customers served. Demonstrates awareness of human and resident’s rights in all aspects of care, treating each resident and co-worker with respect and dignity.  Respects the rights of residents and employees, provides privacy and maintains confidentiality.
  14. Works collaboratively with Environmental Service and other departments to maintain a safe environment for each resident. Maintains awareness of accident prevention practices and provides a safe environment for the residents and staff.
  15. Is expected to respond to the hospital, if requested, to assist in the event of an emergency or if the hospital activates its emergency management plan.
  16. Perform other related duties as assigned.

The above is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of essential functions for the job described, but rather a general description of some of the responsibilities necessary to carry out the duties of this position.


Education: Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing required.

Experience: Minimum 5 yrs direct patient care experience; one year of clinical supervisory, management or resource experience preferred.    

Licensure/Certification:  Must maintain a current Alaska Registered Nurse license. 

 Other Qualifications:  Resident Assessment Coordinator (RAC) training to be completed within six months of hire. RAC Certification is preferred.

Attendance:  Regular attendance is a requirement of this position.

English Language:  Must be able to read, write, and speak English.


Upon date of hire:

  • Current Negative TB Test

  •  Ability to Pass a DHSS Criminal History Check and Drug Test

  • Must be current in all immunizations

  • Must maintain a current BLS certification


CCMC shall seek to insure and provide equal opportunity for all persons seeking employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic as established by law.

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